Jul 29, 2012

Rainy Inside Days

There is this Phoenix Palm tree in front of my house. I have this love/hate thing for it. I love it that it seems tropical (since I'm from Canada originally) but I've had to go to the doctor's two times so far because of it. This type of tree has really sharp spikes that become infected easily and can easily go through leather gloves.

Jul 8, 2012


TATATM - Taranaki Aviation Transport And Technology Museum
A pretty cool, yet underfunded, museum on the edge of New Plymouth, New Zealand. If you like old things, this has a surprisingly large amount of stuff to browse though. The items are sorted into different zones and all the museum volunteers there are likely experts in at least one area. Lots of things to draw - I did a couple:

A Harvard (T-6 Texan) - I think it crashed locally and they are restoring it. The propellor might look a bit small in this drawing since they don't have a right sized one. (It's also wood! An actual one would be made of metal.) Still, I think it looks better than a display with NO propellor. The rest of it seems in pretty good condition.

This is a general view of a part of the 'Communications' section. Again, so much to see and draw. This is quite a good place if you're into ancient or retro. I suspect that a large percentage of the items on display are restored to a functional state by the volunteers too.

Jul 5, 2012

Old and New Buildings

I don't really have any type of story to go along with these ones - Just a digitally coloured version of an old sketch. I liked the mix of different ages of buildings.