Apr 29, 2017

Making time for fries

I've been busy this month with lots of extra jobs. As a result, I haven't made time for sketching. One day, I did have some extra time when I was in town and saw a sign that said "Curly French Fries". Oh, aggressive marketing... you win again! So I sat at a table with a street view and did this one.
Other than this one, I have a few 'sets' of sketches but won't put them up here until each group of 2 or 3 is done. They just look better when they are together but with some of them, I'm waiting for things to happen, like construction. I was also at the ANZAC dawn service and did half a sketch. I thought I might put up a progress pic of that one before I finish it. I know some people are interested in seeing how I start.