Jan 26, 2012

Red-Hot Drawing

Since the Sketchcrawl, we've had some great dry sketching weather. Still going strong with red ink right now, here is a scene of sunny Gill Street in New Plymouth. Looking towards the building on Liardet Street and across from Centre City (shopping mall).
This took about 3 lunches to do this one and gave me a hint of sunburn. More red.

Jan 21, 2012

Four Square

The local corner store - These days, most urban places have a local convenience store. Author William Gibson said that a convenience store could be the kind of place that can sell you everything that you might ever need while most others carry things you can't imagine that you would actually want.
In New Zealand, this kind of store is called a 'dairy'. There is a chain of stores down under called Four Square that are like a large dairy or a small supermarket. These are my personal favourite - local, casual and retro-looking Mr Four Square.

Jan 8, 2012

Te Kupenga International Symposium 2012

Te Kupenga International Stone Sculpture Symposium 2012.
Every two years in New Plymouth the local stone sculpture society holds a large stone carving event with local and international artists. I was on the coastal walkway next to the sea when I drew this. In the background is the downtown shopping mall. Nice weather and with lots of people still on holiday vacation made this year's symposium quite popular with the public.
Drawn in ballpoint pen that stopped working several times because the dust that accumulated on the page. Coloured at home from memory using Photoshop. My colours are maybe more vibrant than the real thing on the day. No wind and LOTS of dust gave everything a bleached look colour-wise and my lungs are probably still a bit gritty. I've been up to where the locals usually do their work before. Here's a link to that post.