Jun 30, 2013

Reo Moana

I pass these art deco apartments as I cycle to work most days. They have a Māori name, Reo Moana. Reo meaning language or voice and Moana meaning ocean or sea. I you lived here you would be able to see and, maybe more importantly, listen to the Tasman Sea.

Jun 25, 2013

The Top of Town & the Bottom of Town

New Plymouth's main shopping area runs from the top to the bottom of a hill. Shops at the top are said to be 'at the Top of Town' while those further down the street are 'at the Bottom of Town'. Radio and newspaper ads for businesses in between are described as 'on the hill'. Although it seems a little weird, I can't imagine how else you can describe it.

(If you are looking at the sign and wondered who won, New Zealand beat France 24-9.)

Ships in the Port

I thought this ship had a reasonably interesting name... Fortune Hero!