Feb 3, 2014

Super Bowl Monday

I can't believe it. I'm not really a sports guy but I have to say I love the Seahawks. As a true Seattle fan, it's a novelty just to see them IN the playoffs, but to be in the Super Bowl and actually win it is another thing again.
To watch it in New Zealand, Super Bowl Sunday becomes Super Bowl Monday due to the International Date Line. All the 12th Men need to take the day off to watch it live. (Sorry, Work!) Sometimes, New Zealand's national holiday, Waitangi Day, lines up and is on a Monday at the right time. This happened the last time that Seattle was in the Super Bowl and on that day, a New Yorker named Frank was also at the pub that I was at. We watched the Seahawks lose together. Randomly, he just happened to be at the same place as me again today and we caught up. Frank was showing me a few of the bets that he had made just before the game. One of them was a $5 bet for the first points in the game to be made by a safety. Even though it had 50 to 1 odds, it happened 12 seconds into the game and I'm still in disbelief that you can make (and even win) such a thing. Apparently he has even made and won this wager once before too!
(PS the people in this sketch are not Frank and I. I was wearing my Cortez Kennedy 96 jersey!)
Two years ago, I did this sketch while watching it and it had a strange end to the game.