Nov 6, 2011

David Brown 950 Implematic

There was a display of tractors and farm equipment as part of a local garden show. I drew this one since I liked the name.
(This tractor was labelled as a 1956 although a quick search on the internet said that this model started production in 1958.)


  1. Brian ...
    this is marvelous.. great sketch
    great subject.

    PS: I did a quick check through the internet and the 1956 Model was the David Brown 50D .. the model prior to the 950 Implematic
    Is this picture anything close to what you saw?

    You find the most interesting things to sketch :-) You had my curiousity up.


  2. Thanks for the compliment. That pic is a way older tractor than the one I had seen. The tractor that I sketched is certainly a 950 Implematic since it said it on the side. (a production graphic) I'm just questioning the year that was on the laminated sign that was made for the display on the weekend.